Baby Massage and Yoga

The Loft is extremely pleased to offer Baby Massage and Yoga classes with Lucy's Angels . The already wonderful studio space is transformed by Lucy into an even more beautiful and relaxed space for her classes. You will have no idea that you are in the centre of Brighton.

Baby Massage and reflexology The Loft Brighton

Baby Massage Courses and Classes

Lucy Johns is an experienced Instructor, specialising in Holistic Therapies for Children.

Beautiful Baby Massage Course

Parents starting out on their Baby Massage journey are invited to start with Lucy's 'Beautiful Baby Massage Course' before graduating to the 'Baby Massage Drop In Sessions'

Beautiful Baby Massage Course *4 Weeks* Thursdays at 10:30. (£45.00 including a guide and a certificate of completion)

This unique Baby Massage Course delivers a rich and nourishing experience for you and baby, blending massage strokes and yoga techniques to treat baby to a full body massage. Each week we gradually build upon the strokes until you have a lovely routine to practice at home. Baby is introduced gently and mindfully to the new experience, and you have the opportunity to absorb it all at an easy pace. Classes are very informal where you can connect with other like-minded parents and carers and feel welcome and supported. You'll also receive a beautifully illustrated guide to help you practice and keep forever! Partners or a loved one welcome to come along too.

Advanced Baby Massage Sessions (must be pre-booked)

Advanced Baby Massage Sessions *Drop in* Tuesdays at 10:30. (£9 a session or a flexipass £45 for 6 sessions - one free)

Once you have finished the course, you're welcome to come along to the rolling Drop In, where we explore how we can support and relieve common childhood ailments through massage, yoga and reflexology. Each week we gently work our way through a full body massage whilst focusing on a 'Theme:' You can come along to any of these sessions on a flexible basis.

Week 1: Reflexology points on feet and hands
Week 2: Colic, wind, constipation, reflux
Week 3: Stretches and movement
Week 4: Colds and congestion
Week 5: Calming and soothing for sleep
Week 6: Teething

Please get in touch with Lucy for more information via her website


“Lucy’s baby massage class is a very enjoyable group to attend with a very young baby, providing a useful tool in the box for calming baby and aiding restful sleep. It’s lovely to spend some time doing something relaxing together and a great way to bond. Lucy provides a very professional yet personal service. Thank you!”

Helen & Reuben, Brighton.

Beautiful Baby Yoga Course

Fridays at 10:30 x 4 weeks. Please get in touch with Lucy for next course availability start dates.

This course is developmental Yoga for Babies. Please note that it is not postnatal yoga for mums and babies!

The four week sessions are jam packed with fun and interactive moves and techniques based on Hatha Yoga practices passed down through generations in India over the last 2000 years.

The classes explore stretching and positions to:
♥ Increase strength, muscle tone and flexibility
♥ Aids ailments and tummy troubles
♥ Improves quality of sleep
♥ Helps to calm a fractious baby and promotes relaxation
♥ Enhances bonding and attachment
♥ Stimulate brain development
♥ Strengthens the immune system
♥ Aids co-ordination and increases body awareness
♥ Increases self confidence and self esteem

In one short session, the baby is given as much physical activity as they would receive if they were handled and carried all day.
We sing a lot so please have your singing voices at the ready!

The classes will also give you lots of ideas for active play which baby will love to continue doing with you at home.

Week 1: Stretch and Grow Routine for hips and arms

Week 2: Car Seat Relief, stretches to uncurl from long journeys

Week 3: Yoga Flow Routine for the legs

Week 4: Brain Gym Routine for overall co-ordination

£45 for 4 x 60 minute consecutive weekly classes

Please get in touch via