Workshops at the Loft

Weekend Workshops

There are a wide range of weekend workshops held at The Loft throughout the year. Keep your eye on this page to see what is going on in our wonderful, bright studio space. Or even better, why not sign up to our newsletter and we will let you know what’s coming up on a regular basis. The Loft is an ideal venue, centrally located in Brighton’s North Laine area easily accessible on foot, by car or public transport. See the map and address at the bottom of the page.

Looking to Hire a Venue for a workshop?

Are you an instructor looking for a venue?
Our wonderful studio space is ideal for running workshops in Brighton. Whether it’s a half day, full day or entire weekend contact us so that we can check availability for you.



Kirtan with Lou White - Monthly :  Friday 12th October - Time 7pm to 8pm. Wednesday 28th November - Time: 7:30pm to 8:30pm

The word Kirtan literally means 'praise'. It comes from the word Kirtana, meaning to recite or tell a story.

It is a call and response form of chanting. There are no rules about how you 'sound' and no experience is necessary. Lou offers a gentle, intimate space to experience this ancient practice.  A stripped back style of Kirtan with little accompaniment. All you need is your voice, a bottle of water and a comfy cushion!  Kirtan can be transformative. The group sound created leads directly to the heart and stills the mind through the powerful guide of mantra repetition.
Please note: this class is not suitable for babies or children.

Price: £6 drop in (pay on entry)

Email: Lou White


Trans Dance - Fridays : 28th October - Time: 7pm to 9pm

Hello lovely people and welcome to  Trance Dance! Guided by Cathy and Patula, experienced Shamanic practitioners and Healers, we will open our chakras moving to the music. Aligning and balancing our energy fields prepares us to trance dance to live drumming and tribal music and reach an altered state. Then you will be guided to journey into the Shamanic Realm - be open to receive the wisdom of the realm to help you be your best possible self!  All welcome, no experience necessary.

Email: Cathy



Brighton Awareness Meditation Weekend Course-October 2018

October 13 @ 9:30 am - October 14 @ 4:30 pm

Learn how to observe the natural breath in order to experience inner peace and change the habit patterns of the mind.

Suitable for beginners and as a refresher for those who have already learned. 

Our mental and emotional state is always reflected in the breath.  When we observe the breath, we are observing the fluctuations of the mind.  When we are agitated so is the breath.  When we are at peace, so is the breath.  Through meditating on the natural breath we strengthen the conscious mind and cultivate its ability to be aware. Without awareness we cannot bring about change.

Over time in observing the natural breath, we notice our breath calms as does our mind. By bringing ourselves to a state of calm awareness, we can then work to transform the deeper-rooted habits patterns of the mind that may be blocking our full potential and our full happiness.

The practice is rooted in the traditions from which contemporary models of mindfulness arise and is central to Yoga and Dhamma systems. The method we teach is followed by a compassion based meditation to cultivate love and goodwill. When practiced regularly, these techniques can help to change the way we respond to life’s events and bring balance and harmony to the mind.

Audio recordings guided by Dr. Kumar connect us to the origins, traditions and the fundamental principles of the technique. A home practice App is available to all students who complete the course.

We teach to the highest standards and believe that an awareness of the original philosophical and ethical context is fundamental to a good understanding of meditation practice.

The practice is taught systematically and is supported by explanations, simple theory and group discussion.

Course Outline

9.30am to 4.30pm with morning and afternoon breaks.

Places limited to 20.

The course involves a sequential series of meditation sessions that introduce the technique. Between each session there will be an opportunity to ask questions, have a short break and stretch. We will have a morning and afternoon tea break, serving herbal tea and an hour lunch break. There will be a ‘yoga nidra’ relaxation session after lunch. Theory will be covered through introductory talks and group discussions about the meditation practice will take place throughout the weekend.

The course teaches the progressive steps of the technique that can be continued as a daily practice or used as a basis for working with the mind more deeply on a residential course.

For more information and to book click here.