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There are a wide range of workshops held at The Loft throughout the year mainly over the weekends but also during the week. Keep your eye on this page to see what is going on in our wonderful, bright studio space. Or even better, why not sign up to our newsletter and we will let you know what’s coming up on a regular basis. The Loft is an ideal venue, centrally located in Brighton’s North Laine area easily accessible on foot, by car or public transport. See the map and address at the bottom of the page.

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Workshops 2024



with Maggie and Jennie

Sunday 2nd March 7.15pm

A two hour deep dive sound healing journey held by two fantastic facilitators

collaborating to create an enriched immersive sound experience

This 2 hour mesmerizing soundscape will support you on your unique inner healing journey. Allowing you the opportunity to truly rest and relax, heal the mind, release tension , completely surrender, regulate the flow through your energy channels, generate new vibrational frequencies and be brought back to a sense of wholeness and harmony.

After training together under gong master Don Conreaux, Maggie and Jennie are excited to collaborate, creating a rich and complex sound experience. Maggie is especially tuned in to the art of gong healing and offers unique sounds through her beautiful quartzophone and chimes. Jennie intuitively blends crystal singing bowls with the overtones of Himalayan singing bowls and offers the hypnotic drone of the shruti box. Other instruments used include shamanic drums, percussions and wooden flutes.

For the duration of this 2 hour sound healing immersion you will be quietly lying down. Your comfort is paramount for the optimal benefits of the experience. It is highly recommended that you bring a bolster or rolled mat/blanket for under your knees, a cushion or pillow to support your head, warm clothing and a blanket to keep you cosy and warm. As you will be lying still it is likely that your temperature will drop so please be prepared. Yoga mats will be provided, and you are welcome to bring your own or any extra supports to meet your comfort needs.

Doors will open at 7.05pm for a 7.15pm start. We ask that you do not ring the doorbell earlier than 7.05 as we will be preparing the space. Once the doors are closed we set sacred space and no one will be permitted to enter so please do not be late.

Sound Healing can have powerful affects on the body, brain and mind. Although sound is a healing modality, this group session is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant, has epilepsy, a pacemaker, psychosis or schizophrenia. If you have any health concerns please get in touch. This is a sober event, anyone under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to enter the space.

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