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There are a wide range of weekend workshops held at The Loft throughout the year. Keep your eye on this page to see what is going on in our wonderful, bright studio space. Or even better, why not sign up to our newsletter and we will let you know what’s coming up on a regular basis. The Loft is an ideal venue, centrally located in Brighton’s North Laine area easily accessible on foot, by car or public transport. See the map and address at the bottom of the page.

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Workshops 2021


Let's Get Jizzical

Drag Aerobics

Saturday 26th June - 2.30pm


“ Always finding working out such a DRAG??!!??

- "Yes!!!" I hear you cry.   

"WELL here at let’s get jizzical, you won’t have to! With my scandalously fun work outs you TOO can be a drag performer!" Cherry Fakewell


-With excellent dance routines!

-Pumping some muscles!

-Using dem buns!

-And having a good play with them balls!! (Exercise)

-Pushing you to the limit 

-Getting you to reach places you have not reached before 😉

-Reaching new depths 

-And being who you really want to be! 


Bringing drag exercise to Brighton!!


Following its huge online success, it will be starting face to face in June 2021; where you too can vogue your way to a new life of fitness, health and well-being.


So come join us at The Loft on Upper Gardener Street at the end of June for a reasonably priced event; to launch the newest way of working out. 


This is Cherry Fakewell, Brighton’s pound shop queen!


For this is something NOT to be missed! 


 For this is... LET’S.... GET... JIZZICAL!!! 


See you there 😉


Tickets can purchased on brown paper tickets in advance. Ticket link to come. There MAY be some on the door but I can’t promise. If there are, then I’ll post on the event saying so. Tickets are £10 per hour class.


Dress code: You just need some shorts/joggers, trainers and T-shirt/vest. Please bring your own water bottle and a towel. You don’t need to come in drag for this; but you can if you want to! But please wear trainers! 


It’ll be hard work but different levels to choose from, it’ll be mostly fun! There are some stairs in the venue to get up to the loft but if you have any needs please contact me and I will see what we can do. There will be some more accessible exercise levels. But also a harder level!



There will be strict Covid rules whilst we are in the venue;

-please wear a mask when entering the venue 

-when you come in please sign in at reception 

-please use the bathroom to wash your hands 

-come upstairs and use hand sanitizer provided. Please place any bags in a selected space in the cubby holes by the door

-follow the one way system suggested by myself when getting to your station then you if you need to exit for whatever reason such as the toilet 

-use the allocated work station given to you 

-keep 2 metres distance away from everyone 

-only use your own water bottles to fill up 

-you may remove your mask when at your work out station. However you must put it in if going to the toilet and when leaving 

-if you are unwell or have symptoms please email me: Cherry Fakewell to let me know and I can refund you.