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There are a wide range of weekend workshops held at The Loft throughout the year. Keep your eye on this page to see what is going on in our wonderful, bright studio space. Or even better, why not sign up to our newsletter and we will let you know what’s coming up on a regular basis. The Loft is an ideal venue, centrally located in Brighton’s North Laine area easily accessible on foot, by car or public transport. See the map and address at the bottom of the page.

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Our wonderful studio space is ideal for running workshops in Brighton. Whether it’s a half day, full day or entire weekend contact us so that we can check availability for you.






7th July - 2pm to 5pm

A Prana Vinyasa Yoga Workshop

A fluid, creative, inspiring and dynamic vinyasa practice influenced by the Elements. Connecting to the elements that inform your daily life enables you to experience a well-versed stability to flow through the day with embodied ease and integrated awareness of the inner and outer worlds you interact with. This progressive practice will leave you feeling uplifted, connected and empowered with the knowledge and teachings of each Element that can be easily translated on and off the yoga mat.

You will experience the Elemental Vinyasa Prana Vinyasa namaskars (salutations) to invoke the alchemy of each element and their relationship to the Chakras, incorporating specific mudras for circulating energy, creative and intelligent sequencing for all levels, a guided meditation, balancing pranayama (breathing technique) and a healing shavasana.

This workshop is open to all levels.
Exchange / Location / Bookings

2pm – 5pm
To book contact: Madeleine

£38 early bird/ £45 regular exchange




Saturday 10th August, 12:00 to 19:00

Are you interested in deepening your current relationships and learning more about how you are when it comes to connecting to others? Then this circling day, facilitated by Enrique Fernandez, Ranjit Krishnamma and Ksenia Belash, is for you!

Circling, also referred to as interpersonal mindfulness, is a cutting-edge practice where we are invited to put our awareness and attention on what is happening in the here and now, within and between us, without an agenda or judgement. As we slow down and deepen our connection with ourselves, we start to explore what happens, internally and externally, when we come into connection with others.

Through gentle awareness exercises, you will be invited to attune to your embodied experience, including feelings, sensations and thoughts, and to explore and express what you notice within you in a warm relational space.

Circling is not a form of therapy, neither is it a spiritual practice - but it can be both, as many find it provides personal growth, healing, empowerment and transformational insights. As you practice, you are likely notice your connections with important people in your life deepening, as you learn to express yourself authentically, while cultivating trust, empathy, compassion, healthy boundaries and a sense of your inner authority.

The circling practice is underpinned by the following five principles, which we will explore in depth on the day:

1-Commitment to connection.

2-Owning your experience.

3-Trust in your embodied experience.

4-Staying with the level of sensation.

5-Being with the other in their world.

- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -

You don't need to have any experience with circling to join this workshop - just a desire to connect, an open mind and a willingness to be vulnerable.

The structure of the day may vary according to the needs of the particular group, but we are likely to do some guided embodiment and gentle movement meditations, pair and triads exercises, as well as larger circle processes. All exercises are optional and you are strongly invited to look after yourself, respecting your own needs and boundaries.

It is an experiential practice, and therefore any attempts to put it into words risk falling short. We'll be happy to answer any questions by messenger, email or Skype. Please feel free to contact us on

Your facilitators:

Enrique is the co-founder of Circling Evolution, he leads different types of events based around human connection and also practices as an Integral coach.

Ranjit has almost 30 years experience of personal development as a large group facilitator, trainer of facilitators and creator of unique experiential workshops.

Ksenia is a circling facilitator and counsellor, trained in a number of modalities, including Gestalt and NVC. She leads various experiential events inspired by the themes of deep relating and embodied self-expression.


This is a one-day workshop. Tea and snacks will be provided. Please bring food to share, or otherwise there are cafes, restaurants and supermarkets all close by.

Dates: 10th of August 2019
Time: From 12:00 till 19:00 on Saturday
Price: £45 early bird until the 20th of June, and £60 thereafter.

Location: The Loft, 40-42 Upper Gardner St, Brighton BN1 4AN

Via bank transfer. Please use your name as reference.
sort code 30-97-62
Account 50048360
Limited spaces, first come first served.

Please message Enrique Fernandez, to confirm you have paid